The spinels were nearly free of any inclusions except for a few tiny colourless forsterite inclusions. In combination with trace element analyses, the origin of these spinels could be unambiguously attributed to the famous spinel mines near Kuh-i-Lal, located in the Pamir mountains in southern Tajikistan, close

Radiometric U-Pb dating is a promising tool in gemstone testing and is used at SSEF as an advanced analytical procedure since several years. However, this method is usually only applicable when the gemstone presents sufficient traces of radiogenic elements either in its crystal structure or within a solid inclu

by Dr. M.S. Krzemnicki, first published in Facette 21 (February 2014) In 2013, Ms. Carina Hanser from the University Freiburg im Breisgau in Germany successfully completed her bachelor thesis on cobalt-spinel from Vietnam. Under the supervision of Dr Krzemnicki, Prof de Capitani (University Basel) and Prof