Since its successful beginning in 2001, the Swiss Gemological Institute SSEF’s education department has offered a broad spectrum of gemmological courses to thousands of students from industry, trade, and academia.


Basic Gemmology Course (BGC)

10 days, 4000 CHF

Gain basic gemmological knowledge with our intense gemmological course in 10 days, with a strong focus on practical work using loupe, microscope and other instruments. Main topics are: Identification of gemstones (including treatments and synthetics), diamond testing and pearl testing. Successful participants of the final exam will receive the SSEF Basic Gemmologist Diploma.

Basic Diamond Course (BDC)

5 days, 3000 CHF

One-week intense training on diamonds. This course is specially designed for sales staff and focuses on the following topics: the formation of diamond, the
properties of diamond and quality grading of diamond. During the course you will have a lot of hands-on-practice with diamonds. Sucessful participants of the final exam will receive the SSEF Basic Diamond Diploma.


ATC Coloured Gemstones

5 days, 4000 CHF

Expand your knowledge in gemmology and learn about the detection of gemstone treatments and how the origin of gemstones may be determined. This course has a very practical focus and you will be studying a large collection of reference stones using a microscope.

ATC Pearls

2 days, 1600 CHF

This advanced course focuses on the formation and identification of natural and cultured pearls. It also covers different techniques to detect the treatment of both natural and cultured pearls.

ATC Small Diamonds

3 days, 2400 CHF

This course focuses on the quality check of small diamonds. This is especially interesting for members of the watch industry. The course teaches participants how to define and control quality criteria for small diamonds. It involves adapting large diamond grading procedures to the quality control of small diamonds.


Scientific Gemmology Course (SGC)

Not available in 2020

Intense one-week course in scientific gemmology. You will work hands-on with scientific gemmological methods and get theoretical insights into methods such as: FTIR spectrometry, UV-VIS spectrometry, Raman microspectrometry, X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF), Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray analysis of pearls, UV-fluorescence of diamonds (DiamondView™), Laser Ablation-ICP- Time Of Flight Mass Spectrometry (GemTOF). The course is given in small groups to guarantee an intense training. Each participant of this international course will receive the SSEF Scientific Gemmology Certificate.

Scientific Diamond Course (SDC)

Not available in 2020

Intense one-week course about scientific analysis of diamonds. You will work hands-on with scientific gemmological methods such as: FTIR spectrometry,
NIR-spectrometry, UV-VIS spectrometry, Photoluminescence spectrometry, UV- fluorescence of diamonds (DiamondView™).


Course Calendar

ATC Coloured Stones 30 March – 03 April 2020 (postponed to 30 November – 04 December)

Basic Gemmology Course BGC 08 -19 June 2020

ATC Coloured Stones 06 – 10 July 2020 (fully booked)

Scientific Gemmology Course (not taking place in 2020)

Basic Gemmology Course BGC 21 September -02 October 2020

Basic Diamond Course 12 – 16 October 2020

ATC Coloured Stones 19 – 23 October 2020

Small Diamonds Course 28 – 30 October 2020

Basic Gemmology Course BGC 09 – 20 November 2020

ATC Coloured Stones 30 November – 04 December 2020

ATC Pearls 07 – 08 December 2020

Basic Diamond Course January 2021 (contact us for date)

ATC Coloured Stones April 2021 (contact us for date)