Small Diamonds

Authentication of Small Diamonds

Since 2004, the Swiss Gemmological Institute – SSEF checks the authentication and the quality of colourless small diamonds (melee) batches for many luxury watchmaking and jewellery manufacturers in Switzerland abroad.

ASDI – Automated Spectral Diamond Inspection is a highly specialised instrument developed by SSEF that enables the screening of melees at a high speed and reasonable price.

Pricing calculator (Excel) for ASDI authentication testing in English and French.

Order Form (PDF) for small diamond testing (needs to be submitted with stones upon shipment).

Pricing and principles for authentication of melees and baguettes can be downloaded in French (PDF) or English (PDF).

A sample ASDI testing report for melee diamonds may be found here in English (PDF) or French (PDF)

Sample ASDI measurements report for melee diamonds are here in English (PDF) or French (PDF)

Quality control of small diamonds

The Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF has set up a strict protocol for the quality control of colourless small diamonds (melees and baguettes), fitting with specific requirements of the watch- and jewellery industry. The detailed information available on SSEF reports help our clients to evaluate the quality of their lots of small diamonds and maintain their quality management. Our routine ensures the best reproducibility of results and provides our clients results they can trust.

Order Form (PDF) for small diamond testing (needs to be submitted with stones upon shipment). Please also note the terms & conditions for submission for quality control of small diamonds (in French PDF).

Pricing for quality control of melees: sampling basis (English and French) or 100% quality control (English and French)

Pricing for quality control of baguettes: 100% quality control (English and French)

Sample reports for a batch of small diamonds may be found here in French: full lot tested (PDF) or random sampling (PDF)

We routinely control colour, clarity and cut quality of small diamonds. Each diamond that is subject to quality control is also authenticated using the ASDI instrument, with the aim of sorting out any and every synthetic diamond or diamond imitation.