Advanced Pearls course

This advanced training course on pearls offers a detailed hands-on curriculum that focuses on natural and cultured pearls. The main topics that are covered include: the formation of pearls, distinguishing between natural and cultured pearls, and the detection of treatments.

2 days, 1600.- Swiss Francs excl. VAT

Upcoming dates: 04 – 05 November 2024

Aim of this course

This very practical course aims to show participants all the different types of pearls that exist. Possibilities and challenges in pearl testing will be demonstrated, alongside learning about the formation of pearls, different types of pearls and treatments that exist.

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Day 1

  • Introduction into formation of natural and cultured pearls
  • Practical work with natural and cultured pearls
  • Internal structure of pearls (cross-sections)
  • Quality of pearls
  • Terminology of pearls

Day 2

  • Pearl testing with X-radiography
  • X-ray luminescence
  • Micro X-ray tomography
  • Advanced pearl testing
  • Practical work with pearls
  • Conclusions
  • Discussion of knowledge gained during the seminar and presentation of the Advanced Pearls Certificate of Attendance

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