Scientific Diamonds course

Intense one-week course in scientific diamond testing. You will work hands-on with scientific spectroscopic methods and get theoretical insights into portable analytical testing methods such as: FTIR spectrometry, UV-VIS spectrometry, Raman microspectrometry, fluorescence imaging and other approaches to scientifically testing diamonds. The course is given in small groups to guarantee an intense training.

5 days, 5000.- Swiss Francs excl. VAT

Upcoming course: 18 – 22 November 2024

Aim of this course

The goals of this course are: i) to introduce students to portable spectroscopic instruments used to solve common gemmological problems, ii) to be aware of how to interpret and think critically about results, and iii) to be aware that there are limitations to the instruments and interpretations of data that can be made.

At the end of this course, students should be able to:

i) Identify diamonds, ii) identify the most common spectroscopic characteristics of the most common synthetic diamonds, iii) identify the most common spectroscopic characteristics of the most common treatments, iiii) think critically about results and be aware of how to interpret results.

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Day 1

  • Introduction
  • How to identify minerals with the ED-XRF and Raman microprobe.
  • How to determine gem varieties with the ED-XRF and UV-VIS spectrometers.

Day 2

  • How to determine gemstone authenticity (natural vs synthetic) and identify imitations of natural gemstones using the ED-XRF, FTIR, and Raman Microprobe.

Day 3

  • How to identify treatments with the FTIR, Raman Microprobe, and ED-XRF.

Day 4

  • How to determine gemstone origin with the ED-XRF and UV-VIS.
  • There will also be a practical session with our LA-ICP-TOF-MS to show the versatility of the instrument.

Day 5

  • Description of how the portable instruments work.
  • Discussion and review of content covered during the course.
  • Presentation of the SGC-Scientific Gemmology course Certificate of Attendance.

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