Premium Reports

For items that pass our rigid criteria of quality and that we consider exceptional, the SSEF issues an appendix letter, which is attached to the SSEF report. This service is free of charge.

The appendix letter highlights in a short but concise way the outstanding properties, which make the gemstone, pearl or jewellery an exceptional item.

We also offer clients a premium option for reports that come with an appendix letter: SSEF Premium Appendix.

Such a Premium Appendix offers prestigious presentation of reports for exceptional items. Hand-made and in leather, this folio includes not only the report and the appendix, but also a high-resolution image of the item to present its beauty at its best. The SSEF Premium Appendix comes in a leather-bound box, with a photo of the item on the front. The price for a SSEF Premium Appendix is 2500.- Swiss Francs (without VAT), charged additionally to the report price.

It is also possible to order such an SSEF Premium Appendix for an item we tested already in the past, as long as it has already received an appendix letter attached to the original SSEF report.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.