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We are an independent Swiss non-profit foundation Trusted by major dealers, brands and auction houses Excellency in science
We are an independent Swiss non-profit foundation Trusted by major dealers, brands and auction houses Excellency in science

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Some 150 industry leaders and opinion-makers from around the world gathered in Basel in September 2022 to celebrate the golden anniversary of SSEF.

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Since its successful beginning in 2001, SSEF’s education department has offered a broad spectrum of gemmological courses to thousands of students from industry, trade, and academia.


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Facette is the annual magazine of the Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF. 2023 marks its 28th issue. Starting as a humble leaflet with a few black & white pages in a very basic layout, Facette has evolved into a magazine rich in information about recent research findings and activities at SSEF.

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Since its beginnings over 50 years ago, the Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF has been a driving force and at the forefront of scientic innovation in gemmology. Our dedication to gemstone scientific research is an important foundation to our expertise and reliability in testing.


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The spinels were nearly free of any inclusions except for a few tiny colourless forsterite inclusions. In combination with trace element analyses, the origin of these spinels could be unambiguously attributed to the famous spinel mines near Kuh-i-Lal, located in the Pamir mountains in southern Tajikistan, close to the Afghan border.