Gem-A Courses & Exams

Since 2020, SSEF is an approved practical provider for Gem-A’s practical endorsement courses, a so-called GAPP Centre. This means that Gem-A students who need to fulfill practical endorsements for both Gemmology Foundation and Gemmology Diploma courses can do this at SSEF. As has been the case for many years already, students can sit their Gem-A Gemmology and Diamond exams at SSEF.

We are pleased to continue our longstanding collaboration with Gem-A and to now provide this practical endorsement option for students based in Switzerland and nearby.

Practical endorsement courses will next take place:

  • Gem-A Foundation Practical Endorsement 27 – 29 May 2024
  • Gem-A Diploma Practical Endorsement 27 – 31 May 2024
  • Gem-A Foundation Practical Endorsement 07 – 09 October 2024
  • Gem-A Diploma Practical Endorsement 07 – 11 October 2024

For more information please contact us.