How to submit

We offer you two options to submit items for testing to SSEF: Shipping or On-site testing

The instructions provided below are for shipping your stones for testing at SSEF’s offices in Basel, Switzerland. This method, proven for many years with our shipping partner Ferrari, is the fastest way to obtain a fast expertise for your items. However, if you prefer to benefit from our on-site test services, we invite you to click here.

For any question regarding your order ou shipping services, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Place your order
and prepare your parcel

Fill out the SSEF order form with all the informations needed and include it in your parcel. It is mandatory to sign this form. For small diamonds please use the corresponding order form.

Include a pro forma invoice, too, with the weight and insurance value of each stone, pearl or item of jewellery.

Fax or email us the pro forma invoice, so that we are informed about your mailing as well.

Email :
Fax : +41 61 262 06 41


Contact our shipping partner Ferrari

Just dial one of the below indicated Ferrari phone numbers and speak to our contact person at your local Ferrari office. Fast and safe door-to-door delivery.


Geneva : +41 22 798 82 60
London : +44 1753 28 78 00
Paris : +33 1 49 96 60 60
Antwerp : +32 3 4752723
Germany : +49 711 45 98 420
Italy : +39 0131 208520
Monaco : +377 97 70 34 92
Spain : +34 915 572 648


Bangkok : +66 226 747 55 to 8
Colombo : +94 11 460 09 674
Hong-Kong : +852 2 264 20 01
Jaipur : +91 9782526618
Mumbai : +91 22 3392 34 59 or +91 22 3392 19 63
Singapore : +65 6797 0150
Taipei : +886 2 25078511
New Delhi : +91 11 40572991


Los Angeles : +1 212 764 0676
New York : +1 212 764 0676

Middle East

Dubai : +971 42951089
Tel Aviv : +972 3 575 4901

If your location/destination cannot be found in the list below please contact us so that we can help you to find a suitable shipping solution. You can also submit your items for on-site testing.

Important note

Until June 30th 2023, the Ferrari shuttle to SSEF from the following locations will be free of charge up to a declared value of goods of 1 million Swiss Francs. Transport insurance is not part of this offer, and may be charged extra by Ferrari if a client does not have have one.

Locations concerned by this offer:

Europe: Geneva, Paris, London, Italy (only valid for Alessandria, Milan Rome, Valenza), Monaco, Antwerp
Asia: Bangkok (if not normal entry then extra charges apply), Colombo, Hong Kong, Mumbai, New Delhi, Singapore
Americas: New York
Middle East: Tel Aviv


The testing

Once we receive your items, you will get an email confirmation under 24 hours to confirm the arrival at our SSEF’s offices in Basel. Your items are generally tested within 2-3 weeks.

We will organize the return delivery of your items with Ferrari just after the testing.

A digital copy of your report will be available for download and verification at

About SSEF’s reports

SSEF distinguishes between three types of reports: Diamond Grading Report, Gemstone Report and Test Report.

For items that pass our rigid criteria of quality and that we consider exceptional, the SSEF issues an appendix letter, which is attached to the SSEF report. This service is free of charge.

Payments by bank transfer

For international payments to SSEF please use the following bank details:

Bank: UBS Switzerland AG, Aeschenvorstadt 1, CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland
IBAN: CH98 0029 2292 60319601G
Bank’s clearing no.: 292
Account no.: 292-60319601G
Beneficiary: Schweiz. Stiftung für Edelsteinforschung SSEF, Schmiedenplatz 5, 3001 Bern