Advanced Jewellery Course

The advanced course “Jewellery: History, Identification and Important Trends” is unique in that it combines jewellery history lectures with workshops handling actual jewellery.

You will learn about different periods of Western jewellery design from prehistoric to more recent times through image-based lectures. We consider historic, cultural, economic and societal contexts as well as developments in fashion and discoveries of gemstone deposits to better understand and appreciate each period and to help you differentiate various stylistic revivals movements. Important materials and techniques as well as makers will be covered and during the practical workshops each jewel is examined in detail.

Through this approach you will learn about criteria to identify jewellery more confidently. Additionally, thought-provoking topics such as Patrimony & Heritage will inspire discussion.

The course is taught in small groups and much of the afternoons is dedicated to practical workshops handling jewellery. Originally set up in part by Vanessa Cron (@jewelsandthegang), founder of Research Jewel, this completely revised and expanded course is now taught by jewellery historian Kathia Pinckernelle, with Laurent Cartier providing insights into the history of gemstones.

5 days, 4000.- Swiss Francs excl. VAT

Upcoming dates:  14-18 October 2024

Aim of this course

This course is ideal for anyone active in the gem and jewellery trade wanting to broaden and deepen their knowledge of jewellery: cataloguers, specialists, the trade, collectors, or anyone in need of a jewellery crash course.

We will cover a complete timeline in Western jewellery design, materials and techniques, important makers, gemstone history and additional topics such as what some jewellers do with their heritage today. A considerable amount of time will be spent on examining jewellery closely. The exact daily schedule is subject to change.

The second and fourth picture are by SSEF. The other three are from the British Library.

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Day 1

  • From the Origins of Jewellery in Prehistoric Times to Egypt
  • Materials & Techniques I
  • Practical: Handling Jewellery
Queen Elizabeth. Source: British Library (1839).

Day 2

  • From Antiquity to Renaissance
  • Materials & Techniques II
  • Practical: Handling Jewellery
A superb antique Indian emerald, diamond and enamel Sarpech sold by Christie's in 2012. Photo: SSEF.

Day 3

  • From the 17th Century to the 19th Century
  • Practical: Handling Jewellery
The Blue Belle of Asia sapphire holds the world record price for a sapphire sold at auction. Photos: SSEF, Christie's.

Day 4

  • Art Nouveau, Belle Epoque and Art Deco
  • Practical: Handling Jewellery
Shah Jahan holding a ruby. Source: British Library (ca. 1650).

Day 5

  • From Retro to Important Contemporary Jewellery
  • Practical: Handling Jewellery


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The Hope Spinel. Photo: Bonhams