Advanced Gems & Jewellery Course

This advanced training course (ATC) “Gems & Jewellery: History, Identification and Important Trends” is unique in that it combines the history and significance of gems in historic and modern jewellery. You will learn about the different uses of gems, and how these link with different periods of jewellery. Through this approach you will learn about criteria to identify jewellery with gems, and gain insight into possible criteria for valuation. This course is taught in small groups with lectures about the jewellery and gemstone history and topics on, for example, materials, techniques and value.  Much of the afternoon is dedicated to practical workshops handling jewellery. . Originally set up in part by Vanessa Cron (@jewelsandthegang), founder of Research Jewel, it is now taught in collaboration with jewellery historian Kathia Pinckernelle. The jewellery history lectures will be mostly image-based, travelling through time from pre-historic beginnings to contemporary jewellery.

5 days, 4000.- Swiss Francs

Upcoming dates: 17 – 21 April 2023, 27 – 01 December 2023

Gems & Jewellery course: History, Identification and Important Trends

Aim of this course

This course is ideal for people who are already active in the gem and jewellery trade. Linking gemmology knowledge to deeper knowledge about jewellery pieces will provide you with different perspectives on how to identify gems and jewellery from different ages.

The second and fourth picture are by SSEF. The other three are from the British Library.

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Day 1 – The gem factor: Cultural history and evolution

  • From the Origins of Jewellery to the Middle Ages
  • Gems since Antiquity
  • Materials & Jewellery Techniques in Historical Context I
Queen Elizabeth. Source: British Library (1839).

Day 2 – The technical factor: The hands behind the jewels

  • From the Renaissance to the 19th Century
  • Treatments & Imitations through the Ages
  • Materials & Jewellery Techniques in Historical Context II
A superb antique Indian emerald, diamond and enamel Sarpech sold by Christie's in 2012. Photo: SSEF.

Day 3 – The Design factor: History of jewellery design

  • The Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau
  • Cutting, New Sources and Gemmology
  • Market Values & Prices
The Blue Belle of Asia sapphire holds the world record price for a sapphire sold at auction. Photos: SSEF, Christie's.

Day 4 – Understanfing the visibility factor: How knowledge is shared

  • Art Deco
  • Gems in the 20th and 21st Centuries
Shah Jahan holding a ruby. Source: British Library (ca. 1650).

Day 5 – Identifying trends and value: Jewellery valuation

  • From Retro to Important Contemporary Jewellery


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The Hope Spinel. Photo: Bonhams