ATC Small Diamonds

(3 days, 2400.- Swiss Francs)

This course focuses on the quality check of small diamonds. This is especially interesting for members of the watch and jewellery industry. The course  teaches participants how to define and control quality criteria for small diamonds. This course is highly interactive and is concluded by the delivery of the ATC-Diamonds Certificate.

Aims of this course:

The aim of this special course is to develop a consistent quality management routine for small diamonds in the watch- and jewellery industry.

This course includes various workshops: on the authenticity tests and on the quality control of small diamonds.

Course themes:

Transposition of the large diamond grading procedures to the quality control of small diamonds.

  • Sampling rules
  • AQL rules
  • Measurements
  • Clarity control
  • Symmetry control
  • Proportion control
  • Polish control
  • Colour control
  • Use the Nossigem™ Microscope
  • Diamond versus synthetic diamond versus imitations

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