SSEF at auction

The Ratnaraj Ruby

The ‘Ratnaraj’ ruby , an exceptional 10.05 ct ruby in ring (SSEF report 88472), which sold for US$ 10 million at Christie’s Hong Kong late 2016.

Cowdray Pearls

Historic natural pearl necklace sold by Sotheby’s Hong Kong in 2015  (including a pair of pearl ear-clips) for US$ 5.3 million. Accompanied by two SSEF reports numbered 67726 and 67685, dated 18 and 22 April 2013 respectively, stating that the pearls are natural saltwater pearls, with no indications of artificial colour modification.

Emerald Necklace

A magnificent emerald and diamond necklace, by Cartier that sold at Christie’s Geneva for CHF 9,125,000 in November 2013. The necklace was accompanied by Premium Report no. 69531 dated 22 August 2013 from the  Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF stating that the 12 emeralds are of Colombian origin, 8 with indications of minor oil, 4 with no indications of clarity modification.

‘Red Romance’ ruby necklace

Exceptional necklace ‚Red Romance‘ with 84 Burma rubies (total 139.14 ct), sold for 8.67 mio US$ at Tiancheng International Hong Kong, December 2017. Accompanied with SSEF report 92486.

Kashmir sapphire earrings

Exceptional earrings with Kashmir sapphires (16.23 & 2.69 ct) and diamonds, sold for mio 3.07 US$, Christie‘s Hong Kong, May 2017. Accompanied with SSEF report 91515.

Padparadscha sapphire

Padparadscha (28.04 ct) from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) set in a ring, sold for 2.46
mio US$ at Christie‘s Hong Kong, November 2017. Accompanied with SSEF report 89429.

Drop-shaped natural pearl

Drop-shaped natural pearl (approx. 29 ct) set in a pendant, sold for 1.45 mio US$ at Bonhams New York, December 2017. Accompanied with SSEF report 96487.

Jadeite bangle

Jadeite bangle of 295.30 ct, sold for 7.62 mio US$ at Poly auction Hong Kong, April 2017. Accompanied with SSEF report 90690.

Emerald ring

Colombian emerald of 19.90 ct (no oil) set in a ring, sold for 1.24 mio US$ at Phillips Hong Kong, November 2017. Accompanied with SSEF report 95612.