Al-Thani spinel necklace

This important historic spinel bead necklace was sold twice at Christie’s auctions. First in 2014 in Geneva, and several years later for US$ 3 million at the Al-Thani collection sale in New York in June 2019. The seven polished and drilled spinel beads from Tajikistan are engraved with the names of Mughal rulers. Apart from their beautiful purplish pink to red colour, they are characterised by an exceptional clarity and size, ranging in weight from 61.50 to 202.67 ct (SSEF report No. 73623). Photo: SSEF.

Belle of Asia

This stunning sapphire from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) of 392.52 ct – also known as the “Blue Belle of Asia” – was sold by Christie’s Geneva in November 2014 for ca. US$ 17.56 million, a world record for any sapphire sold at auction to date. Reportedly discovered in Pelmadulla (Ceylon) in 1926, this sapphire had been in a private collection for many years before it made a splendid reappearance at this auction (SSEF report No. 72359). Photo: SSEF & Christie’s.

Cowdray pearl necklace

The Cowdray Pearls sold for more than US$5.3 million in 2015 at Sotheby’s Hong Kong, a world auction record for a natural grey pearl necklace. The provided documents reveal that the Cowdray pearl necklace was owned by Lady Pearson, the Viscountess Cowdray (1860-1932), hence its name (SSEF report No. 67726). Photo: SSEF.

Graff ruby

The Graff Ruby, 8.62 ct. Sold at Christie’s St Moritz in 2006 for a world-record carat price (at that time) of USD $425,000 per carat. It was bought back by Graff in 2014 at a Sotheby’s Geneva auction, again breaking the world-record price per carat for a ruby to reach USD $8.6 million. (SSEF report No. 45948) Photo: Christie’s.

Hutton necklace

The Hutton-Mdivani necklace was presented to Barbara Hutton as a wedding gift from her father when she married Alexis Mdivani in 1933. This outstanding jadeite jade necklace with an Art Deco clasp designed by Cartier sold for a stunning world record of US$ 27.4 million at Sotheby’s Hong Kong in April 2014. Photo: SSEF.

Kasmir necklace

The Peacock sapphire necklace with 21 Kashmir sapphires (total 109.08 ct), sold for 15 million US$ at Christie’s Hong Kong, November 2018 (SSEF report No. 102106). Photo: SSEF.

Panjshir emerald

This exceptional (no indications of clarity modification) 10.11 ct emerald ring from Afghanistan sold at Christie’s Hong Kong for ca. US$ 2.27 million in 2015 (SSEF report No. 82231). Photo: Christie’s & SSEF.

Paraiba tourmalines

A pair of outstanding heated Paraiba tourmalines from Brazil (7.46 and 6.81 ct) set in ear pendants, sold for 2.77 million US$ at Christie’s Hong Kong, May 2018 (SSEF report No. 86452 & 86453). Photo: Christie’s.

Patino emerald necklace

This magnificent emerald necklace by Cartier sold for ca. US$ 9.94 million at Christie’s Geneva in November 2012. SSEF report No. 69531 notes the 12 emeralds are of Colombian origin; 8 show indications of minor oil treatment, 4 show no indications of clarity modification. Photo: SSEF.


The drop-shaped Peregrina pearl mounted on a necklace was part of the impressive jewel collection of the late Elizabeth Taylor. It sold in December 2011 at the Christie’s auction in New York for an incredible US$11.84 million, the most expensive pearl item ever sold at auction at the time (SSEF report No. 59574). Photo: SSEF.

Richelieu sapphires

The Richelieu Sapphires, a pair of untreated Kashmir sapphires (26.66 ct and 20.88 ct) mounted in earrings. Sold by Sotheby’s in Geneva for US$ 8.38 million in 2013 (SSEF report No. 69008).

Sunrise ruby

The Sunrise Ruby, 25.59 ct. Set in a ring by Cartier, sold at Sotheby’s Geneva in 2015 for a record US$ 30.42 million. (SSEF report No. 78414) Photo: Sotheby’s.