SSEF validates the ASDI-500 device and provides unique worldwide service for melee diamonds down to 0.5mm

The ASDI-500 Automated Diamond Spectral Inspection system, jointly developed by SSEF and UNIMEC. Photo: SSEF.

Basel, Switzerland: June 01 2023 –

ASDI-500, is the world’s first automatic device to verify the nature of diamonds – natural diamonds VS laboratory-grown diamonds VS diamond simulants – down to the tiny size of half a millimeter (0.5mm or 500 micrometers, hence its name ASDI 500).

Launched by SSEF and UNIMEC SA at the GemGenève Show in November 2022, more than five hundred thousand round diamonds with diameters ranging from 0.50 mm up to 3.80 mm have been tested since then using a strict double-checked internal procedure. This validation testing included batches doped with synthetic diamonds and diamond simulants which were each and all detected and sorted out by the ASDI-500 device.

As of June 2023, SSEF is now offering testing of round colourless diamond melee down to 0.5mm as a service to the Swiss and international diamond and jewellery trade. More information on:

The ASDI-500 device uses a built-in high-precision fast robot entirely manufactured by the Swiss microtechnology enterprise UNIMEC SA. The robot selects the diamonds at high-speed in a pavilion-up position with a special nozzle so that culets are never in contact with the pick and place robot. Therefore, the tip of diamond’s culet is preserved from any damage impacted by the analysis.

The ASDI-500 robot places each single diamond at different laser sources and proprietary algorithms detect appropriate features in 0.03 milliseconds. Photo: SSEF.

“Ten years after launching the Automated Spectral Diamond Inspection device – the first ever device developed to authenticate large batches of small diamonds – SSEF and UNIMEC are proud to offer the diamond industry the ASDI-500. This next generation instrument allows automated diamond authentication, especially in the size segment between 1.00 mm and 0.50 mm, a segment in which so far, no automated solution existed. We are pleased to open this new authentication service to our customers.” says Jean-Pierre Chalain, project manager and director of the diamond department at SSEF.

Dominique Dubugnon, Head of the Gemmological Commission at the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH added: “High quality and reliable diamond screening solutions are vital for our industry. First, in order to guarantee the high level of quality for which Swiss watches are known and second to sustain consumer confidence.”

The ASDI-500 is presented by UNIMEC SA (booth G42) at the EPHJ show (Geneva, 6th to 9th of June) and Dr Michael Mintrone, SSEF Research scientist at SSEF will give a talk about ASDI-500 at the symposium “Advances in Gem& Diamond Research and Technology (AGDRT– 2023) “, 03rd & 4th October, 2023, Mumbai, India.

The ASDI-500 is available for sale worldwide and can be purchased through our collaborating partner UNIMEC SA. For further information and contact see: and