SSEF GemTrack™: exceptional cases from the last few months

First published in Facette 29 (May 2024)

Since January 2019, SSEF offers the gem trade a tracking service and document, known as SSEF GemTrack. It not only allows the client to track a gemstone in time, but is also an attractive option for our clients to tell the story of the provenance of a specific and exceptional gemstone to their customers.

The SSEF GemTrack is a versatile document that can be used as a solution for different needs as it may document the journey of a gemstone from:

  • a rough pebble/crystal to the cut gemstone
  • a loose stone to the gemstone set in jewellery
  • an old weight to a new weight after recutting and repolishing
  • an old stone, thus not being a new find from a source under boycott today

Tobe able to issue such a SSEF GemTrack document, the SSEF has to see the stone twice, for example as a rough stone and then again after cutting. It is important to know that SSEF can issue a GemTrack document for any gemstone which is resubmitted for a recheck and for which a previous SSEF report already exists.

In the past few months, our clients have again supplied exceptional gems for the SSEF GemTrack service. A selection of these gems is shown in the photo above, presented in their initial stage and after cutting/recutting. This selection includes a tsavorite garnet of more than 200 ct (rough), a Colombian emerald of more than 40 ct, a Burmese sapphire and a Sri Lankan sapphire, each initially about 60 ct, a pink sapphire from Myanmar of more than 25 ct (rough), and several rubies from Mogok and Namya in Myanmar and from Mozambique.

For any further information about our SSEF GemTrack service, please check our website or contact us directly at SSEF (phone: +41 61 262 06 40, email