Coloured diamond

Coloured diamonds come in a wide range of colours.

Report No & Photo

The SSEF report number is the number given to the coloured diamond when it is submitted for testing, and is a unique number. If an item is resubmitted later for a ‚recheck‘ after re-cutting or for a report update then the item obtains a new report number.
The photo of a coloured diamond depicts the gem at the time of testing. The photo on an SSEF report is for representational purposes and does not necessarily represent actual colour, clarity or size. For size comparison purposes, approx. magnification used is provided under the photo on the report.


Weight of a loose coloured diamond in carats, measured and stated with 3 digits.

Shape & Cut

The shape and cut describe the outlining shape and cutting style of an examined coloured diamond.


The measurements are given at 2 decimal places. They generally represent length x width x height of a coloured diamond.


SSEF uses the widely accepted trade terms to disclose fancy colour diamond grades. The scale used is:

  • faint
  • very light
  • light
  • fancy light
  • fancy
  • fancy intense

The color described is the colour hueand if relevant a modifier (optionally) too. For example:

  • purplish red (fancy intense colour)
  • green (fancy colour)


Clarity grading of coloured diamonds is an optional service offered by SSEF.


A coloured diamond of natural colour is identified as a ‘Diamond of natural colour’ on an SSEF report.


The comments section confirms the colour authenticity of a tested coloured diamond, if analysis permit this.

Report date & verification

The date corresponds to the date on which gemmological testing of the item was concluded. SSEF reports can be verified on