From time to time, we receive some oddities for testing, such as the rough “emerald”, reportedly originating from Africa and submitted by a client for testing. Already a quick visual examination made it clear that this was not an emerald. The surface was dominated by conchoidal fractures and covered partly

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In early 2019, an Australian client submitted a small series of gem- quality light green emeralds ranging from 2.01 – 5.80 ct in weight, which reportedly originated from the same rough crystal from the Riverina deposit in Western Australia (Figure 1). Known since the late 1970s (Whitfield, 1975), this deposit

Multi-element analysis of minerals using laser ablation inductively coupled plasma time of flight mass spectrometry and geochemical data visualization using t-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding: case study on emeralds. Published in Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 2021,