by Dr. M.S. Krzemnicki, first published in Facette 27 (June 2021) Tourmaline is a mineral group of complex boro-silicates and is well known to produce gemstones in a wide range of beautiful colours. A specifically attractive variety is vivid yellow elbaite tourmaline, which owes its colour to manganes

by Dr. M.S. Krzemnicki, first published in Facette 26 (May 2020) In the past decade, rubies from Montepuez in the Cabo Delgado province of northeast Mozambique have been the most significant source of gem-quality rubies in the market. These include iconic stones such as the Rhino ruby (22.04 ct), the Scarl

In early 2019, an Australian client submitted a small series of gem- quality light green emeralds ranging from 2.01 – 5.80 ct in weight, which reportedly originated from the same rough crystal from the Riverina deposit in Western Australia (Figure 1). Known since the late 1970s (Whitfield, 1975), this deposit