SSEF launches GemTrack™

GemTrack™ links a cut stone to a specific rough stone using gemmological techniques.

GemTrack™ is based on a combination of crystallographic, structural, chemical and microscopic analyses that allow for detailed and potentially unique characterisation and fingerprinting of a rough stone. These same features are later investigated in the cut stone, following the cutting and polishing process. GemTrack™ is a SSEF document, which presents data of a specific stone in its rough and cut state, and is only issued in addition to a SSEF report for the cut stone. A GemTrack™ document may also be issued if a gem is later mounted in jewellery, in order to document the stone from rough to jewellery.

What claims does a GemTrack™ document make?

GemTrack™ provides expert scientific opinion linking a rough stone to a cut stone, thereby gemmologically documenting part of a stone’s journey from mine to market. It does not make any specific claims of mine of origin. When credible documentation is provided (e.g. transparent sales receipts from a rough auction), a GemTrack™ document may state that based on provided documentation a gemstone was sourced from a specific company or auction.

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