The latest edition (May 2020) of SSEF’s Facette magazine is now available online as a PDF. This magazine brings you reports of our latest gemmological research and findings, courses and other SSEF activities.
– Age dating of gems
– GemTrack™
– Laser inscription of gems
– DNA fingerprinting of pearls & corals
– Genetic testing of ivory
– Green spodumene as emerald imitation
– Emeralds from Australia
– Visit to Muzo
– Unheated Mozambique rubies
– Pink grossular garnet from Mogok
– New statistical methods for gem analysis
– Kalimantan diamonds
– Synthetic/natural diamond doublet
– Inclusions in diamonds
– HPHT synthetic diamond study
– Age dating of coral
– Age dating of the Ana Maria pearl
– The Queen Mary pearl
– Pinnidae pearls
– Intriguing cultured pearl necklace
– Roman sapphire intaglio
– Talisman of Charlemagne
– Courses at SSEF
– SSEF at auction
– Report verification: MySSEF
– Conferences and lectures worldwide
– Publications