Facette No. 24 published and available online

The latest edition of SSEF’s Facette magazine has been published. It is now also available online as a PDF. This magazine brings you reports of our latest gemmological research and findings, courses and other SSEF activities.

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SSEF Facette No. 24, 2018

featured articles:

  • Padparadscha-like fancy sapphires with unstable colours
  • Paraiba excursion
  • Ethiopia emeralds and sapphires
  • Afghanistan emeralds
  • Artificial resin in rubies
  • Paraiba tourmaline with artificial resin
  • Heated sapphires
  • GemTOF Madagascar/Kashmir sapphire
  • Age dating of sapphires and inclusions
  • Diamond isotope study
  • Mixed synthetic diamond batches
  • Grandidierite, fluorite and collector stones
  • Jadeite, Omphacite jade
  • Mini Ming cultured pearls
  • Update on China FW pearl production
  • Pearl articles
  • Traceability of gemstones
  • Mogok research
  • Brazil emeralds
  • SSEF at auction
  • SSEF courses
  • New website
  • ASDI updates
  • Sealed bags for small diamond lots
  • Conferences & lectures worldwide