by Dr. M.S. Krzemnicki, first published in Facette 21 (February 2014) Since 2012, a new gem find near Didy (Madagscar) has produced some sapphires and rubies of outstanding size and quality (Pardieu et al. 2012, Peretti and Hahn 2012). This material originates from a remote area in the jungle south of the

by SSEF, first published in Facette 20 (January 2013) In 2012, we again received a number of pearls with strange shapes for testing. The most extravagant and intriguing of these curiosities of nature was a non-nacreous brownish natural pearl from a marine mollusc, which closely resembled a mushroom (see ph

first published in Facette 22 (February 2016) Martin Steinbach, a collector of star stones from Idar-Oberstein (Germany), submitted to the SSEF a zircon with a star effect (asterism), which – to the knowledge of the author – so far had not been described in literature for this gem. The zircon speci