Special conditions on SSEF-Ferrari shuttles

We are pleased to announce that as a measure of support for the international gem and jewellery trade we are offering special conditions on most regular SSEF-Ferrari shuttles until December 31st 2023.

Until December 31st 2023, the Ferrari shuttle to SSEF from the following locations will be free of charge up to a declared value of goods of 1 million Swiss Francs. Transport insurance is not part of this offer, and may be charged extra by Ferrari if a client does not have have one. This offer is not valid for multi-city transports.

Europe: Geneva, Paris, London, Italy (only valid for Alessandria, Milan Rome, Valenza), Monaco, Antwerp
Asia: Bangkok (if not normal entry then extra charges apply), Colombo, Hong Kong, Mumbai, New Delhi, Singapore
Americas: New York
Middle East: Tel Aviv

For contact information of the local Ferrari offices please see: SSEF-Ferrari Shuttles

Important note: For goods with a declared value of more than 1 million Swiss Francs, an additional shipping fee of 0.035% is charged for the amount exceeding this limit, based on the declared value. We remind clients of the need to send an order form with shipments.