Facette No. 25 published and available online

The latest edition (2019) of SSEF’s Facette magazine has been published. It is now also available online as a PDF. This magazine brings you reports of our latest gemmological research and findings, courses and other SSEF activities.

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  • Traceability & blockchain for gemstones
  • Low temperature heating of Mozambique rubies
  • Chipping of emeralds
  • Laser damage in sapphires
  • Synthetic coloured stones
  • DNA fingerprinting of pearls, corals and ivory
  • Usambara effect and colour change
  • Pb glass in pink sapphire
  • Luc Yen field visit
  • Age dating of titanite inclusion on Mogok ruby
  • Catherine the great sapphire
  • Research on spinels from Mogok
  • La ‘Rose de Mine’
  • V-rich ruby from Mogok
  • Cultured pearl with organic matter
  • ‘Aged‘ cultured pearls
  • Cultured pearls with natural pearl beads
  • Paraiba tourmaline research update
  • HPHT treatment of diamonds
  • SSEF at auction
  • SSEF courses
  • GemTrack™
  • SSEF-Ferrari shuttle service
  • Report verification: MySSEF
  • Library of Publications
  • Chinese websites
  • Project Assure
  • Conferences and lectures worldwide
  • SSEF in USA
  • SSEF on-site 2019
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