The latest edition (June 2021) of SSEF’s Facette magazine is now available online as a PDF. This magazine brings you reports of our latest gemmological research and findings, courses and other SSEF activities.

– The Science of Gem Testing
– New Afghan emeralds
– Machine learning at SSEF
– Poudretteite, musgravite, taaffeite, and grandidierite
– DNA fingerprinting of pearls & corals
– New pearl oyster species
– Cu-tourmalines from Nigeria
– Canary tourmaline from Zambia
– Alexandrite / Chrysoberyl
– Fieldtrip to Mong Hsu
– Heated ruby from Mong Hsu
– Heated spinel from Tajikistan
– Cobalt spinel age dating
– G-Chron age dating tests
– Zircon inclusions in origin determination
– Dyed corundum from Burma
– Synthetic ruby with misleading inclusions
– Emerald treatments
– Medieval Königsfelder diptychon
– Doublets beware
– Asteriated diamonds
– Novel light source for diamond grading
– Diamond fraud
– Imitation pearls
– Intriguing cultured pearl bracelet
– Dyed natural pearls
– René Lalique sautoirs
– Exceptional jadeite jade
– Historical emerald parure
– GemTrack for rechecks
– Ornamental stones and hardness
– Courses at SSEF
– SSEF at auction
– Conferences and lectures worldwide
– Publications