SSEF adds online courses in Japanese and traditional Chinese to its free-of-charge ‘Understanding Gemstones’ programme

Course materials in traditional Chinese (left) and Japanese (right), now being delivered online at no cost, as part of SSEF’s Understanding Gemstones educational programme.

The Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF has added courses in Japanese and traditional Chinese to its free-of-charge online educational programme, entitled “Understanding Gemstones.”

The courses, which cover diamonds, emeralds, pearls, rubies and sapphires, are now available in five languages – English, French, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and Japanese.

The free online Understanding Gemstones programme has been enthusiastically received since it was first launched by SSEF in April 2021. To date, there have been more than 6,000 sign-ups and active students participating on the teaching platform. Indeed, it was in response to greater demand for such gemmological education and knowledge in Asia that SSEF has decided to roll out courses in two additional languages.

“We are impressed at the demand and positive feedback we are receiving for our free online courses,” said Dr. Michael S. Krzemnicki, director of SSEF. “Making gem-learning resources available at no cost to the trade and consumers remains a priority for us. We are pleased to be able to make them even more widely available, and to further connect with the gem and jewellery community in Asia.”