ATC Coloured Gemstones

(5 days, 4000.- Swiss Francs)

This advanced training course is an intense gemmological programme that offers a detailed hands-on approach to identifying treatment and origin of ruby, sapphire and emerald. The course syllabus is built up in a modular structure.

Aims of this course:

We demonstrate the possibilities and restrictions of treatment detection and origin determination of corundum and emerald. Participants should subsequently be able to recognize the most characteristic internal features in untreated and treated stones of different origins.

Day 1:

  • Heat treatment of ruby and sapphire
  • Microscopic features for detection of heat-treated rubies and sapphires

Day 2:

  • Origin determination of ruby
  • Methods and possibilities of geographic origin determination of ruby

Day 3:

  • Origin determination of sapphire
  • Methods and possibilities for geographic origin determination of sapphire

Day 4:

  • Detecting clarity enhancement (i.e. fissure filling)
  • Methods and possibilities for geographic origin determination of emeralds

Day 5:

  • Practical Training
  • Discussion of knowledge gained during the seminar and presentation of the ATC- Coloured Gemstones Certificate


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