Test Report

This type of document is the most versatile identification document and is issued for mounted stones, pearls, jewellery, lots of gemstones, synthetic or imitation material.

Test reports for mounted stones or sets of jewellery contain:

  • number of stones
  • total weight of the piece of jewellery
  • approximate measurements
  • approximate weights of the stones
  • identification of the stones
  • enhancement description
  • origin if requested
  • colour photo

The Test Report does not identify precious metals used in jewellery.

Test reports for lots of gemstones give the exact measurements and weights for either every single stone or for the smallest and largest stone of the lot besides identification, enhancement status and origin if desired.

Test reports for pearls may describe:

  • single or multiple loose pearls
  • pearls mounted in jewellery
  • pearl necklaces

A distinction is made between natural and cultured pearls (beaded or beadless), saltwater and freshwater. Treatments (artificial colour modification) are given for both types of pearls. While the weight of natural pearls is given in carat as well as in grains (1 grain = 0.25 ct), the weight of cultured pearls is given in carat only. For pearl necklaces, the total weight of the necklace is given. All test reports for pearls contain one colour photo.