New design of SSEF reports

Starting October 19th 2011, all SSEF reports (Diamond Grading Report, Gemstone Report, Test Report) are issued in a new and refreshed design.


The major change in this new layout is the incorporation of the SSEF logo, which was successfully introduced in 2010, but was so far not present on our reports. The logo with the Swiss flag highlights the Swiss quality of our certificates. It perfectly fits our professional approach in gem testing and reflects our philosophy of offering you a gem testing service of highest standards and integrity.


Apart from the newly incorporated SSEF logo and a subtle redesign of the layout, there is no change concerning our standards, neither in the format nor in the wording. The only exception is the new SSEF Diamond Grading Report. For round brilliant diamonds, we have introduced the SSEF cut grade and the word “excellent” as a descriptive term for the cut grade, the symmetry and the polish. Each new SSEF Diamond Grading Report also mentions the type of diamond as an additional comment.

Diamond Grading Report

Diamond grading reports are issued for loose diamonds above 0.30ct in weight.


Gemstone Report

A SSEF Gemstone Report is issued for a single loose gemstone, including coloured diamonds. Gemstone Reports are issued only for natural stones (no synthetic or imitation material).


Test Report

A SSEF Test Report is the most versatile identification document and is issued for mounted gemstones, pearls, jewellery, lots of gemstones, synthetic or imitation material.