Gemstone Report

A SSEF Gemstone Report is issued for a single loose gemstone. Gemstone Reports are issued only for natural stones (no synthetic or imitation material) and contain:

  • Weight
  • Shape and Cut
  • Measurements
  • Colour
  • Identification
  • Comments concerning the treatment situation
  • Colour photo of the stone

Special characteristics, either natural (like asterism, colour change etc.) or induced by a treatment (like traces of treatments, significant damage etc.) may also appear under "comments".

The SSEF laboratory keeps the CIBJO Nomenclature Recommendations as guidelines for its Reports. These rules classify gemstones as minerals. Synthetic crystals, in contrast, are not considered gemstones, and their name must be always preceded by the word "synthetic".

When we identify "emerald" on our reports, it means that the stone is of natural formation. It is not our standard to use terms like "natural, genuine or precious" when we give the identification.
On request and under favourable conditions, we may put our opinion of the geographic origin of the gemstone, under comments. The determination of origin requires additional analytical tests and is thus a supplementary service.