SSEF Diamond Spotter & Illuminator

The SSEF diamond spotter was initially developed as a reaction to the threat of HPHT treated diamonds (ie. GE POL™, Monarch™, Bellataire™) on the market. Since its introduction in 2000, hundreds of SSEF diamond spotters have been sold to members of the trade all over the world. We have received much positive feedback about this simple and rapid way of testing diamonds, confirming the importance that this method now has for the trade.


The manual for both spotter and illuminator can be downloaded here USER MANUAL (PDF)


Please note that the SSEF diamond spotter™ has to be used in combination with the SSEF diamond illuminator™, a powerful shortwave ultraviolet light source (SWUV).


The SSEF diamond spotter allows for an easy separation into two groups of diamonds:

Group A:

type IaA, IaAB and Ib

Such colourless diamonds have not been decolorised by a HPHT treatment.

Group B:

type IIa, IIb and rare IaB

Such diamonds may have been treated by a HPHT treatment.


Download prices (pdf)

To order a SSEF diamond spotter and illuminator: 

  • Decide on the number of spotters you require
  • Choose how you would like them to be shipped to you (economy, priority)
  • Contact SSEF administration by email with these details and we will send you a quotation (price) for your order and an invoice
  • Once we have received your payment we will ship the SSEF diamond spotter(s) and illuminator(s)