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SSEF Blue Diamond Tester

  • The application of this electrical conductivity tester allows an easy separation of boron containing diamonds and diamonds with no semi conductive capacity
  • Type IIb diamonds contain traces of boron, and are semiconductors  
  • The SSEF Blue Diamond Tester™ does not indicate a HPHT treatment performed to a blue diamond 

Analytical consultancy services

  • We offer consultancy services and training for scientific gemmology instruments. Please contact us, sending us your requirements and we will send you a quotation for our supporting services 
  • If you would like to learn more about advanced analytical methods in gemmology please see Scientific Gemmology Course


SSEF Blue Diamond Tester (pdf)


Prices of other instruments (pdf)

To order an instrument: 

  • Decide on which items you require (see pdfs above)
  • Choose how you would like them to be shipped to you (economy, priority)
  • Contact SSEF administration by email with these details and we will send you a quotation (price) for your order and an invoice
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