Date : 04.01.2016

Category : SSEF around the globe

SSEF On-site testing in Bangkok, January 2016

We will be in Bangkok 18-21 January 2016 offering our on-site testing services. Our office is in the gem trade district at the Silom Road. Equipped with our instruments and spectrometers, we will be certifying coloured gemstones. Please contact us to make an appointment.


More information on our Bangkok services

Date : 27.10.2015

Category : SSEF around the globe

How We Work - Videos

SSEF is proud to share videos documenting our gemmological work. You will find four videos here highlighting different core areas of our expertise.

Link to Videos

Date : 07.07.2014

Category : SSEF around the globe

BBC documents pearl testing at SSEF

Many of the most valuable and famous natural pearls are tested by SSEF. The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) recently visited SSEF's lab to document how we test pearls and learn more about the newest developments in pearl testing science. 


View the BBC video

Read the BBC article

Date : 16.10.2013

Category : SSEF around the globe, SSEF Press Releases

Breakthrough in pearl research: DNA fingerprinting and age dating of pearls

For the first time, a group of SSEF - ETH Zurich researchers has succeeded in isolating DNA from pearls and used their genetic material to identify the specific species of oyster that produced the pearl. In a parallel project, researchers used radiocarbon dating to analyze the age of pearls, opening up new avenues for determining the origin and age of pearl jewellery.


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