Date : 14.03.2016

Category : SSEF around the globe, SSEF Press Releases

Facette No. 22 published and available online

The latest edition of SSEF's Facette magazine has been published. It is now also available online as a pdf. This magazine brings you reports of our latest gemmological research and findings, courses and other SSEF activities. 


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Date : 04.11.2015

Category : SSEF Press Releases

SSEF and Gübelin Gem Lab agree to harmonise ‘pigeon blood red’ and ‘royal blue’ standards

The Swiss-based Gübelin Gem Lab and Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF, recognised as the leading laboratories for coloured stone testing, have agreed to harmonise their standards for the colour terms “pigeon blood red” and “royal blue.”  


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Date : 18.02.2015

Category : SSEF Press Releases

Inauguration of new SSEF laboratory in Basel

SSEF inaugurates new state-of-the-art laboratory in Basel, enabling massive expansion of research, education and grading services.


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Date : 16.10.2013

Category : SSEF around the globe, SSEF Press Releases

Breakthrough in pearl research: DNA fingerprinting and age dating of pearls

For the first time, a group of SSEF - ETH Zurich researchers has succeeded in isolating DNA from pearls and used their genetic material to identify the specific species of oyster that produced the pearl. In a parallel project, researchers used radiocarbon dating to analyze the age of pearls, opening up new avenues for determining the origin and age of pearl jewellery.


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