Date : 16.01.2012

Category : Talks and Presentations

Study of historic turquoise imitations (odontolite) in last issue of Gems & Gemology

A recent SSEF study of brooches from the 19th century revealed that most gems were actually turquoise imitations. The results showed that these were mainly fossilized dentine (odontolite). The study was published in the last edition of Gems & Gemology: Krzemnicki, M.S., Herzog, F.A., Zhou, W. (2011) A historic turquoise jewelry set containing fossilized dentine (odontolite) and glass. Gems & Gemology, 47, 4, 296–301


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Date : 02.01.2012

Category : Talks and Presentations

New research on Bastnäsite from Pakistan

Recent research on the lesser-known mineral and gemstone Bastnäsite by Dr. Franz Herzog of SSEF. This is a fluor-carbonate containing Rare Earth elements (REE). The results of this study were presented at the IGC in July 2011 and are now available online.


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Date : 18.11.2011

Category : SSEF around the globe, SSEF Press Releases

New design for SSEF Reports

Starting October 19th 2011, all SSEF reports (Diamond Grading Report, Gemstone Report, Test Report) are issued in a new and refreshed design. Diamond Grading Reports now also include the SSEF Cut Grade.


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Date : 26.08.2011

Category : Talks and Presentations

Talk on Tokki pearls at IGC 2011 Conference

Dr. Michael S. Krzemnicki gave a talk at the 2011 International Gemmological Conference (IGC) meeting in Interlaken. It was entitled "Tokki Pearls: Additional cultured pearls formed during pearl cultivation: External and internal structures". This presentation presents new research results on these interesting types of pearls and what they can teach us about the formation of natural and cultured pearls. 


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