Date : 16.10.2013

Category : SSEF around the globe, SSEF Press Releases

Breakthrough in pearl research: DNA fingerprinting and age dating of pearls

For the first time, a group of SSEF - ETH Zurich researchers has succeeded in isolating DNA from pearls and used their genetic material to identify the specific species of oyster that produced the pearl. In a parallel project, researchers used radiocarbon dating to analyze the age of pearls, opening up new avenues for determining the origin and age of pearl jewellery.


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Date : 18.09.2013

Category : SSEF around the globe, SSEF Press Releases

New SSEF- Gem-A collaboration

We have entered a new extended collaboration between SSEF and the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A). We are working with Gem-A on a revamped Journal of Gemmology and are happy to welcome Brendan Laurs as new editor of Journal of Gemmology.


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Date : 16.05.2013

Category : Talks and Presentations

New gemstone talks on website

Dr. Michael S. Krzemnicki recently gave two talks, which are now available as pdfs on our website. One talk was given at a GAHK seminar in Hong Kong in March 2013 on Fei Cui and Jadeite nomenclature. The other was on corundum treatments, presented at the annual meeting of the Swiss Gemmological Society (SGG).

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Date : 26.10.2012

Category : SSEF around the globe

SSEF Education programme in 2013

The dates for the SSEF Education courses in 2013 are now available. You can find information on offered courses, dates and prices in both English and German.


2013 SSEF Education programme


2013 SSEF Kursprogramm

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