Scientific Gemmology Course (SGC)

(5 days, 4000.- Swiss Francs)


This expert training course is an intense gemmological programme that offers a detailed hands-on course that focuses on analytical methods that are used in the field of gemmology. The main topics that are covered are listed below with a description of the curriculum of each course day.

Aims of this course:

Course participants learn how to use analytical instrumentation in scientific gemmology. A second focus is on the correct interpretation and comparison of data. This course is only for experienced gemmologists or scientists with a sound education in gemmology.  

Course structure:

Day 1:

An introduction into scientific gemmology FTIR spectrometry

  • Jadeite, untreated and treated
  • Emeralds with various fissure fillings
  • Amber & imitations
  • N and H-containing diamond

Day 2:

UV-VIS-NIR  spectrometry

  • Diamond (incl. LNT)
  • Isotropic stones (e.g. garnets)
  • Anisotropic stones (e.g. sapphire)
  • Synthetic emeralds

Raman spectrometry and luminescence

  • Identification of cut and rough gemstones
  • Luminescence of Cr in spinel
  • Inclusions in corundum
  • Identification of emerald treatments
  • Rare gemstones, aggregates

Day 3:

X-ray spectrometry EDXRF

  • Characterization of garnets, nacre
  • Trace elements in emeralds, ruby, sapphire
  • Discrimination of synthetic emeralds

Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)


  • Be diffusion treated corundum
  • Emerald analyses


Day 4:

Scanning electron microscope coupled with EDS.

  • Mother-of-pearl (nacre)
  • Fissure filling in corundum and emerald

Pearl testing by X-ray shadow method and Pearl View X-ray luminescence

  • Natural and cultured pearls
  • Saltwater and freshwater pearls

Day 5:

Separating natural and synthetic diamonds. Use of Diamond View, Diamension and Spotter instruments.

Discussion of knowledge gained during the seminar and presentation of the SSEF Scientific Gemmology Certificates (SSEF SGC).

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