SSEF Foundation Board

The Swiss Gemmological Institute, part of the Swiss Foundation for the Research of Gemstones (SSEF: Schweizerische Stiftung für Edelstein-Forschung) was founded by trade organisations. The SSEF is supervised by a board of seven members who meet regularly to discuss the general policy and direction of the laboratory.

The following persons are current foundation board members of SSEF:

Marc-Alain Christen (President)

Schmiedenplatz 5
3001 Bern 

Charles Abouchar

Abouchar S.A.
1211 Genève 3

Adrian Meister

Meister Juwelier AG
8001 Zürich

Nicky Pinkas

Andrew Cohen SA
1204 Genève

Ronny Totah

Horovitz & Totah S.A.
1204 Genève

Niklaus Bieri

Horst Edenhofer