Innovating Gemmology since 1974

The Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF has contributed to a number of significant discoveries and developments in the world of gemmology since its founding in 1974. This is a testament to our commitment and drive to pursue research and offer our clients first-rate expertise in coloured gemstone, diamond and pearl certification.




SSEF introduces the Cut Grade for round brilliant diamonds on diamond grading reports. These reports now also mention the type of diamond as an additional comment.



We develop micro X-ray computerised tomography as a method for separating natural and cultured pearls. We were the first gemmological laboratory in the world to offer this as a customer service.


We develop a customised small-diamond quality control routine for the Swiss watch industry



SSEF develops the LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) method for Be-treatment detection of sapphires and is the first laboratory to offer this reliable identification service to clients.


A blue-diamond tester, helping to identify type IIb diamonds, is developed and brought to the market.



The SSEF Education department is created. It is the only institution worldwide to offer scientific gemmology and scientific diamond courses. Courses are offered for both novices and experts in the gem world.


SSEF achieves a breakthrough by coming up with a method for identifying HPHT treatment of diamonds.


The SSEF spotter is developed and brought to the market as a simple means of identifying type II diamonds.


SSEF published an article on identification of artificial resins in emeralds


We described and identified flux assisted healing of fissures during the heating process of rubies.


We published the first article on identification of Douros synthetic rubies.


Significant contribution to scientific characterisation of Kashmir sapphire.


George Bosshart, formerly of SSEF, was the first gemmologist to ever record low-temperature UV-Vis and IR spectra of the famous ‘Dresden Green’ diamond.


SSEF has been the custodian of the original CIBJO Diamond Master Set C1 since 1978. We have been setting standards in diamond research and certification since.