CIBJO is the World Jewellery Confederation. It brings together national jewellery trade organizations.? CIBJO's purpose is to encourage harmonisation, promote international cooperation in the jewellery industry, and to consider issues which concern the trade worldwide. Foremost among these is to protect consumer confidence in the industry.


We suggest you download the following important CIBJO documents, that are references in the jewellery and gemstone trade. These can be found here:


The Laboratory Manual Harmonisation Committee (LMHC) was founded by leading gemmological laboratories to achieve the harmonisation of gemmological report language and thereafter the revision of this harmonised report language as used by LMHC members. SSEF was one of the founding members and is active in advancing collaboration between gemmological laboratories worldwide.


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The Information Sheets (ICs) of the LMHC can be downloaded on its website